Evol or Love 2.0 as a nickname is the minor antagonist of Season 1, the Main antagonist of the Season 1 finale episodes & The Movie of Miraculous Universal


220 Years agoEdit

Love & Love 2.0 were created by one Order Of The Guardian, and when it was time for his meeting Love & Love 2.0 wanted to come too. So the Order Of The Guardian chose Love and left Love 2.0 alone when he said "See you later". Love 2.0 waited there for years.

55 years laterEdit

Love 2.0 looked on the ground wondering when the Order Of The Guardian will come back to check on her.

Another 55 years laterEdit

Love 2.0 got a message from Master Wang Fu. He destroyed the guardians temple on accident. Love 2.0 got so angry that she turned from her sunny form into her insane form, Evol, and then went to different locations to destroy.

100 years laterEdit

She came across Love and her friends. She attacked love's friends which lead up to Season 1.


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